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Athens, 15th January 2013

No of Trans. 117

The Memorandum  of Associates was published in the I.O.G.

[Issue of the Official Gazette  (ΦΕΚ)]

2nd Issue    No of Issue 197


To The National Printing Office


By the Synodical Decision, received during the Meeting of the Permanent Holy Synod on  January 9th p.y., we send you attached Decision of the Permanent Holy Synod  about the modification and codification of the Function Regulation of the Family Support Centre of the Holy Archdiocese of Athens and its  alteration into Ecclesiastical Foundation and we request  its publication in the Second (B’) issue of the Official Gazette, according to the stipulations of article 7, par. 2, case b’ of  L. 3469/2006.

Order of the Holy Synod

The Chief Secretary

Bishop  of Diauleia Gabriel


  1. Holy Archdiocese of Athens


C. E. S. C. G

To be published in the journal “CHURCH”

By   us


                                     The    Permanent    Synod

                                  of    the    Church of    Greece

Taking into account:

  1. The Stipulations of the articles 29 par.2 and 59 par.2 of the Law 590/1997: ”About the Memorandum of Associates of the Church of Greece” (A’ 146),
  2. The obligations of  the Pastoral Church to Its Christian congregation, which derive from the Evangelical requisitions,  the Holy Rules and the Laws of the State,
  3. The subordinate social and spiritual needs of the Holy Archdiocese of Athens,
  4. The Regulation of establishment and function of the Family Support Centre of the Holy Archdiocese of Athens (I.O.G. 145/1999, v. A’) as it is valid.
  5. No  50/10.12.2012  Decision  of the Board of Family Support Centre of the Holy Archdiocese of Athens about the modification of its constitution of function,
  6. No 3083/27.12.2012 Decision and No 3084/27.12.2012 Proposal of the Beatitude Archbishop of Athens and whole Greece Mr.  Heoronymos,
  7. The  Consultatory  response of the Special Solicitor of the Church of Greece since 9.1.2013,


It modifies and codifies the constitution of function of the Family Support Centre of the Holy Archdiocese of Athens and alternates it into Ecclesiastical Foundation  which  will operate according to the stipulations of the following Regulation:


Of the Ecclesiastical Foundation of the Holy Archdiocese of Athens with the name:


1st Article

Establishment  –   Name  –   Head

  1. The establishment Ecclesiastical Service of the Holy Archdiocese of Athens since 11-3-1999 (I.O.G. 145/1999 v. A’) with the name: “FAMILY SUPPORT  CENTRE  OF THE HOLY ARCHDIOCESE OF ATHENS” is alternated into Ecclesiastical  Foundation of non-profiteering character and it has the name: “FAMILY SUPPORT CENTRE OF THE HOLY ARCHDIOCESE OF ATHENS – ECCLESIASTICAL FOUNDATION” with optional abbreviation- distinctive title ”F.S.C.”, while for the international relations the name in English ‘Family Support Centre, Foundation of Holy Archdiocese of Athens” will be used.
  2. 95   Academias  St., Athens  is appointed as the Head of the Ecclesiastical Foundation,  in case of alteration of the Head after the Board decision, the modification of the existing Organization is not required.

2nd Article

1. The main aim of the Foundation is the protection and the aid of the family institution with extra concern about the protection  and solidarity to single-parent families, unmarried mothers, children born out of marriage of their parents, parents of independent  sex – who have undertaken and wield the parental concern of their minor child on their own, the prevention and battle against every form of violence- physical or psychological-in the public or private sphere of the individual, particularly  of the violence  which turns at the expense of  defenceless  victims who are deprived of protection, either within the family or out of it and especially the prevention and confrontation with all the legal means against the phenomenon of human trafficking with the view to sexual or economical exploitation, the protection of minors according to the National Treaty for the Child’s Rights UNCRC, the reinforcement of the institution of undertaker families and adoption and generally the boost of ethics, as well as the material solidarity which the family offers to the person with farther aim the continuous improvement of his life quality and the communion with God.

2. Means of achievement of the above goals are particularly appointed the settlement of advisory stations for the family, school for parents, guests’ house of defenceless  victims of human trafficking with  the view to sexual or economical exploitation, of the sensitive and vulnerable social groups, the organization of meetings, daily meetings, seminars and publication of leaflets with relevant content to the above aims.

3. For the achievement of the aforementioned goals the Ecclesiastical Foundation is able     to co-operate with conveyors, organizations and services either of public or private law, native or foreign ones which pursue the same or similar aims of the Church of Greece or other Churches and confessions, of the Greek State, the European Union, the European Committee, the Council of Europe, the United Nations, UNESCO and other National Organizations, to participate in protection networks with other conveyors, especially to participate in Social Association Project of  Incorporation , Social Concern or Collective and Productive Aim with a view to the incorporation in the social life and the provision of social and providential character to vulnerable population groups and services that cater for the needs of collectivity, to attach scheduled Agreements with one or more o f the aforementioned conveyors for the realization of the above goals and undertake  as a beneficiary and conveyor of realization  one or more Instruments, actions or interventions of L.3614/2007, as well as to participate in Developing Collaborations of the art.18 L. 4019/2011, with other conveyors for the realization of these actions and interventions, relevant to its activities and goals. The Foundation is also able to co-operate with the Parishes of Athens Archdiocese within the bounds of their  pastoral work performance, encouraging and boosting with the provision of know-how, the creation and function of the Family Parochial Support  Centres  as an activity of the legal entity of the Parochial Church.

3rd    Article

Management   of   the   Foundation

  1. The Foundation is managed by a five-member Board, whose Chairman is the Beatitude Archbishop of Athens and whole Greece who defines with his act the rest of the Board members and his legal substitute in case of his temporary impediment, as well as the substitute members.
  2. After the formation in Corps, the Board elects   the Secretary and the Treasurer among its members.
  3. The Board members’ tenure of  office, except for the Chairman, lasts three years. Their office is honorary and unsalaried. The Chairman has the right of Board members’ replacement as long as there is a  significant reason.
  4. The Board assembles regularly  once a month and on special occasions after the Chairman’s or his legal substitute invitation and it has a quorum when the Chairman or his legal substitute and of its members at least are present.
  5. The decisions are taken by the majority of the present   members  and in case of equality in votes, the vote of  the Chairman (or the one who presides) predominates. In every meeting of the Board, minutes are held, which are signed by the present   members.
  6. The Director of the Centre is present in the Board meetings without the right of vote.
  7. In case of a Board member’s inexcusable absence in more than two successive meetings, the fact can be considered as a significant reason for his replacement by order of the Chairman

4th     Article

Competences    of    the    Board

  1. The Board decides on every topic which relates to the organization, function and management of the Ecclesiastical Foundation, it concerns  about  its activities fulfillment and the right and unhindered function of its services and departments. Especially:
  1. It  decides on the erection, administration and management of its movable or immovable property and its incomes which are disposed for the fulfillment  of its goals, acceptance of  inheritance, donations (etc), filing suits and conduction of trials, judicial or extrajudicial  compromise, renunciation of judicial means (etc).
  2. It constitutes the annual budget and report of the Ecclesiastical Foundation which submits to the Metropolitan Congress of the Holy Archdiocese of Athens for approval and consequently it is published on the website of the Holy Archdiocese.
  3. It appoints the necessary posts for the ordered function of the centre, it decides on the hiring and dismissal of  in  case  salaried staff and the duties, the competences, the wages, as well as the relative issues according to the stipulations of the legislation in force.
  4. It  proceeds  to the creation of parted services and regulates their relations with the operating departments.
  5. It decides on every issue which relates to the ordered function and the realization of the Foundation goals, even if it is not predicted specifically by the stipulations of the present   Regulation.

5th    Article

Duties and Competences of the Chairman

  1. The Board Chairman or his legal substitute:
  1. represents the Ecclesiastical Foundation towards the external relations before every Authority, Courts, Organizations and Banks and before every physical or legal entity,
  2. commands the payment of any expense is carried out on behalf of the Foundation,
  3. assembles  the Board regularly or on special occasions, he constitutes – with the Secretary’s contribution – the agenda of the topics, he directs the Board meetings, he signs every Board document and cares of the performance of its decisions.
  1. The Chairman is replaced in the performance of his duties by the assigned legal substitute- preseding , in case of his absence or temporary impediment, who signs instead of him, having the above duties and competences.

6th    Article

Duties of the Secretary and the Treasurer

  1. The Board Secretary:
  1. concerns of the meetings minutes and the Board decisions compilation, keeping the relevant book and archive,

b)   keeps a protocol of incoming and outcoming documents,

c)    transacts the correspondence,

d)    tends the documents and stamp of the Foundation.

2. The Board Treasurer:

a)    countersigns  with the Chairman or his legal substitute every order,

b)    realizes  all the receipts which are relevant to the Foundation, drawing duplicate initialled receipts which he countersigns with the Chairman,

c)    acts the payments based on the issued orders

d)   keeps  the management books and information (auditing) of the Foundation

e)   deposits  the collected incomes in a bank account on behalf of the Foundation

f)    preceeds  to withdrawals of deposits after written order of the Chairman or    his legal substitute, after the Board decision

g)       attends to the constitution of budget and report , which he submits to the  Board.

 7th     Article

    Management and Organization of the Work in Departments

  1. For the entire function of the Foundation the post of a Director of Academic Education is enacted, who is assigned by the action of the Beatitude Archbishop of Athens and whole Greece.
  2. The Director:
  1. Attends to the performance of the Board decisions which are relevant to the organization and function of the Centre,
  2. supervises, co-ordinates and proposes the Centre Departments,
  3. co-operates with volunteers and the staff, and
  4. proposes to the Board and attends to the establishment and operation of protection guests’ houses, the organization of meetings, daily meetings, seminars, further education and of more relevant activities, the co-operation with other conveyors and organizations, native or foreign, which aim at the same or similar goals, the participation in meetings, daily meetings , protection networks, the programmes undertaking or elaboration relevant to the aforementioned goals independently or in collaboration with other conveyors.
  1. The following departments are composed for the exertion of the Centre activities
  1. Advisory Department of family (Social Services, psychological support, Legal Consultative Support, medicalpharmaceutical relegation).

B. Protection of unmarried mother, parents- of independent sex – who have undertaken legitimately and wield on their own the parental care of their minor child and their children without the marriage of their parents.

C. Protection and solidarity of victims of harassment and human trafficking with the

view  to sexual or economical exploitation and other vulnerable social groups.

  1. With the Board decision it is able to be composed  and activated any other department which will be considered useful.
  2. In every department a Steward is appointed by the Board who co-operates with the Director, bearing the responsibility of its ordered function and in the making activities planning, proposed to the Director the actions which he considers necessary for the operation of the Centre on the part of his responsibility and collaborating with him for the materialization of the Board decisions.

8th     Article


The staff which is considered necessary to offer services to the Foundation, additionally of whom offer their assistance as volunteers, will be hired after the Board decision and with the according opinion of the Director, in collaboration with whom the staff duties and competences will be assigned and it will be included  in the Function Regulation, which will be put into effect  by the Board decision and approval of the Metropolitan Board.

9th    Article

Kept books and information

In the Foundation they will be kept with the Secretary’s attendance:

  1. Protocol of documents,
  2. Book of Meetings Minutes and Board decisions
  3. Record –  book of  Staff
  4. Record of Volunteers

And with the Treasurer’s attendance the following books and information, initialled for any legal use by the Holy Archdiocese of Athens or the Official Tax Authority or any other Authority

  1. Cash- book, duplicate bills receivable, pay orders
  2. Book of material

10th    Article 

Resources   –   Property of the Foundation

  1. The recourses of the Ecclesiastical Foundation are:
  1. Subsidizations of the Holy Archdiocese of Athens, Holy Monasteries, Parishes and other ecclesiastical or legal entities.
  2. Donations in life or in case of death, inheritances, bequests of movable or immovable property, of physical or legal entities,
  3. Contributions in any kind or money,
  4. State or European subsidizations and aids, benefactions from European programmes,
  5. Subsidizations from collaborations with Ministries, decentralized administrations and institutions of the Local Government, organizations and legal entities of public or private law,
  6. Every other legal income, non- predicted according to the above, which services the Foundation aims,
  7. Incomes from the property- movable or immovable- which belongs to F.S.C. or it has been disposed for the requirements and aims, as well as every movable or immovable property which will be acquired so forth.
  1. The resources of the Foundation are disposed at
  1. coping with the maintenance and function expenses of the initial facilities,
  2. the commission of the required equipment and necessities,
  3. the payment of the present salaried or on special occasion staff and
  4. the cover of every expense which aims at the attendance of the Centre goals.
  1. The Foundation can qualify benefactors, donators and award honorable mentions and other prestigious distinctions.

11th    Article

Modification  of  the  Regulation- Annulment of the Foundation

  1. The present Regulation, after the Ecclesiastical Foundation Board proposal and its approval under the Metropolitan Congress of the Holy Archdiocese of Athens, is modified with the decision of the Beatitude Archbishop of Athens and whole Greece and the approval of the Permanent Holy Synod of Church of Greece, and it is published in the Official Gazette and the journal “CHURCH”.
  2. With the above procedure oncomes the annulment of the Foundation, its movable or immovable property as well as every right or claim of it, devolves by rights to the Holy Archdiocese of Athens.

 12th      Article 

 Validity  of  the  Regulation

The present Regulation , as well as every future modification of it,  is valid by its publication in the official bulletin ”CHURCH” of the Church of Greece and on the Official Gazette.

13th    Article

Instigation  of   Expense

By the publication of the present  Regulation no extra expense is instigated in the Legal Entity of the Holy Archdiocese of Athens of F.S.C. or other ecclesiastical Legal Entity of the Holy Archdiocese of Athens.

Athens, 9th January 2013

The Chairman, Archbishop of Athens Heoronymos Β΄

The Chief Secretary, Bishop of Diauleia Gabriel

Exact   Copy

The  Chief Secretary

Bishop of Diauleia Gabriel